partners & press

Maison Munz – Initially created by Alexandre Munz, former principal soloist of Berlin Opera Ballet, to restaure his kinetic and motional capacities, the results of this research are today branded under the name S.A.F.E® (Spine Advanced Functional Empowerment) and are recognized for their innovation in France and in the US.
Fabian Russ – Composing is like painting, says Fabian Russ. Zu Hören hier. For more info: Schneider+
Johannes Plank – more then ithaka
Florence Freitag – moving bodies & moving images
Goethe-Institut Helsinki – Supporting the screening and travel of lola at Loikka Screendance Festival, April 2016
Goethe-Institut Dublin -Supporting the screening and travel of lola at Lightmoves Festival of Screendance, November 2016
Publication of the videos on CCCDanse Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 – Articles by Véronique Vanier