These three dance studies for screen are the result of a collaboration between dancer-choreographer Alexandre Munz, director Florence Freitag, filmmaker Johannes Plank and composer Fabian Russ. The project was initiated by Florence Freitag and conceptualized together with Johannes Plank, both living and working in Berlin. They travelled to Paris for a 4-day intensive film shoot to work with three different bodies: the body of the dancer, the musical body, and the urban body of Paris.
Directors: Florence Freitag & Johannes Plank
Camera/Edit: Johannes Plank
Dancer/Choreographer: Alexandre Munz
Music: Fabian Russ
(For Lumière Saxphone: Antonio Lucaciu)
Mastering: Kassian Troyer
Set Runner: Anne Berger
Production: Florence Freitag
© 2014-2017
Supported by
Goethe-Institute Helsinki/Finland and Goethe-Institute Dublin/Irland